Cannabis Science Shows Evidence of Cancer Cure

In a recent News Release on the website, Dr. Robert Melamede, Ph.D. writes:

Every vertebrate, from the time of conception till the time of death, literally has all body systems homeostatically regulated by endocannabinoids (marijuana-like compounds produced by the body). Illnesses are biochemical imbalances, failures of homeostasis. By being alive, all organisms suffer from the common biochemical imbalances that underlie  aging and all age-related illness, including autoimmune, cognitive, cardiovascular diseases, as well as cancers.

Over 600 peer reviewed articles show that numerous cancer types (lung, breast, prostate, glioma, thyroid, leukemia, lymphoma, basil cell carcinoma, melanoma, etc) are killed by
cannabinoids in tissue culture and animal studies. Furthermore, cannabinoids inhibit the biochemical pathways involved in metastasis and drug resistance. The question that naturally arises is “Why is a plant that inhibits aging, kills cancers, and whose activity is found in mother’s milk illegal?”

Because federal and state governments have failed
to implement marijuana policies that are reflective
of modern scientific knowledge and thousands of
years of medical history, the people have demanded,
and gained access to this miraculous medicine
through direct vote with the initiative process. In
effect, marijuana clinical efforts are now in the hands
of the people and the medical marijuana community.
This poster provides dramatic photographic
evidence of cannabis extracts curing basal-cell
carcinoma via it’s topical application.

To read more, and to see the dramatic evidence … (click on the blue link to your left). It’s in the photos!

Basal-Cell Carcinoma is a serious cancer, with many not-so-great treatment options that involve freezing it off, cutting it out, chemotherapy, radiation, synthetic pills, etc. In many cases, people are left with disfigurement as a result of the cancer AND treatment. If Medicinal Cannabis was a widespread therapy, approved by insurance companies, and prescribed by doctors, wouldn’t suffering cancer patients be happy at a chance to mitigate disfigurement and avoid therapies that cause more suffering, more pain and additional damage to surrounding tissues and organs? The more people learn about cannabis medicine, the more they’ll demand it, in all 50 States.