The Largest Facility in Michigan

With over four locations, we are by far the largest production facility in the great lakes region.

About Us

Our team at Bliss places a high level of importance on innovation and originality throughout the entire cultivation process. By concentrating on every facet of operations, we are able to guarantee that Bliss products are of the greatest caliber. Our passionate team of professionals works tirelessly to provide you the quality you deserve.

You can rely on our brand to be as distinctive as you are through collectible packaging, high-end goods, and an unmatched user experience. Bliss is committed to producing cannabis that meets your needs while also exceeding your expectations.

Our Services

We offer a variety of services separate from recreational and medicinal products.

White Label Production

Bliss Cannabis offers white label services, including custom oil formulation, biomass sourcing for both cannabis and hemp, and packaging design and production for its clients. For businesses authorized to offer specialized oil extracts as well as CPG brands looking for authorized manufacturing partners, Bliss Cannabis is the one-stop shop.

Toll Processing

Growers in the US can get specialty processing from Bliss Cannabis. Bliss Cannabis will supply high-quality oil to businesses through contract processing so they can either resell it or sell it under their own brand.


Bliss Cannabis offers different processing options for biomass extraction. We currently offer hydraulic press, ice water, ethanol, hydrocarbon extraction and distillation.

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